Clear, best practice advice for all your SQL Servers.

We do the hard work for you and create a prioritised checklist of recommendations to make your SQL Servers more reliable and run faster.


No installation required

Nothing to install. Nothing to install on your SQL Servers. No Repository database required. Runs on a desktop or laptop.


Lightweight, very low impact

Runs once per day (or even once a week). Runs quickly. Won’t impact your SQL Server’s performance.



Data is encrypted at rest and on the wire.


Weekly or Daily recommendations email

We run diagnostics over your collected data and send you an email with a prioritised list of recommendations.

AU$995.00 (ex. GST) per year.

    • No installation required.
    • Lightweight, very low impact
    • Secure

Per user pricing covers all your servers

One price makes things simple. You can monitor as many of your servers as you require across all your environments: Development, Test, UAT, Production.

You can configure the level of advice we send you. This can be customised based on impact, or by server, or by database or individual check that we run.

How does it work?

Overview of how SQLFrontline collects and processes data.

A more detailed description can be found here